Fake Websites To Trick Your Friends

Fake Websites To Trick Your Friends. This is one of the best prank sites to send to friends and have some fun time with them. You must be creative but keep in mind to make it fun.

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Such is the site, love calculator. Trick your friends with this fake windows update & bsod prank. Talk this person about setting up a fake disciplinary hearing for your friend.

Choose A Catchy Title For Your Joke.

Upload one or search one via google images. Life has become busy due to coping up with the fierce competition in the market. Using this method, you can easily trick them into believing you have hacked their system.

If You're Not Squeamish About Making Your Friend Sweat, This Is The Trick For You.

The prank idea is to prank your friends by showing them fake window updates. Shutdown your friend’s pc with your custom message. Fake news is a prank script written for the sole purpose of confusing, embarrassing, and angering your friends.

Simply Fill Out The Forum Below And It Will Create A Fake News Story Of Your Choice.

Want to play a prank on your friends without completely sabotaging their pc ? This brilliant app will make it look like you’re hacking into any site on the net. There are many sites online where you can generate fake newspaper articles and then send them to friends.

Open The Notepad And Type The Fun Code:

Enter your text and then select it. 2 few more funny prank sites. Simply create your own prank and then share it on your social network pages!

It’s Yet Another Practical Joke Website Like Hackertyper Which Facilitates You To Play A Prank On Your Friends Portraying Yourself As A Hacker.

Such is the site, love calculator. Think of a fake story that will. Create a prank and trick all your friends!

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