How To Install Nest Outdoor Camera On Vinyl Siding

How To Install Nest Outdoor Camera On Vinyl Siding. Install the camera on the exterior wood trim or roof fascia. If its the outdoor iq you wont be able to because it requires 4 screws and weighs a ton.

Idea for vinyl siding • CCTV Forum
Idea for vinyl siding • CCTV Forum from

To mount a security camera to a house with vinyl siding, there are a few options: Find the studs behind the vinyl to properly secure your camera. I have installed both ways.

If Its The Outdoor Iq You Wont Be Able To Because It Requires 4 Screws And Weighs A Ton.

Press j to jump to the feed. It can quickly be done by you or a professional. When mounting the surveillance camera, choosing a sturdy location with an unobstructed view point is crucial.

To Mount A Security Camera To A House With Vinyl Siding, There Are A Few Options:

I would like to install one of these in my backyard, but i really don’t want to drill anywhere on the vinyl siding or soffit. If its the regular outdoor its magnetic so if you have some metal you can stick it to it. Hang the stock half ball magnet mount onto the hook screw.

Regardless, It’s As Easy As This:

If you cannot install it properly, please contact a professional as they will avoid damages to pipes and rods inside your walls. However, the wires will need to run inside your home. You probably have heard about vinyl siding hooks.

Make A Base Of Plywood Of About 6Inch * 6Inch, Clean It And Paint It To Match The Sidings.

I have installed both ways. Second, turn on the drill and drill the holes, then connect the cameras with dvr/nvr. If you’ll be using the wall anchors, you’ll also need a 7/32 masonry drill bit.

Use A Simple Mounting System With Screws And A Mounting Plate.

I was in the process of insulating/drywalling the garage, so i passed the power cable through the hole in the siding, and then. I went to search for some helpful youtube videos and all of the examples that i could find were for wood or brick. As smmmike said, the screws extended through the siding and into the plywood (or stud), providing secure mounting.

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