How To Take Out Contact Lenses With Fake Nails

How To Take Out Contact Lenses With Fake Nails. Many of you have asked me how to remove contact lenses with longnails. Our opticians have put together the most common methods of removing contact lenses, so you can find the easiest way that works for you:

How To Take Contacts Out With Long Nails How To APPLY
How To Take Contacts Out With Long Nails How To APPLY from

This is how i do it when my nails are long. The easiest way to take out contacts with long nails is by placing your thumb underneath your eye and your index finger on your eyelid. That way, you can safely and quickly take your contacts out and not worry about ruining a pricey manicure.

This Is How I Do It When My Nails Are Long.

I think i take my contacts out a weird way, but i basically just use the pad of my finger to slide the contact to the outside edge of my eye and then it comes out easily with blinking. Before you remove contact lenses one of the most important things you can remember about removing your contacts is to always wash your hands with soap and water first. If you have acrylic or fake nails, wearing contact lenses may feel about as possible as finding a needle in a haystack.

Our Opticians Have Put Together The Most Common Methods Of Removing Contact Lenses, So You Can Find The Easiest Way That Works For You:

Gently squeeze your eye with your thumb and index finger and the lens should immediately pop out. Many of you have asked me how to remove contact lenses with longnails. Following certain protocol when removing lenses can help minimize the risk of damage and infection.

The Easiest Way To Take Out Contacts With Long Nails Is By Placing Your Thumb Underneath Your Eye And Your Index Finger On Your Eyelid.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve successfully removed your contact lenses with long nails. I've been wearing contacts for 5+ years and just struggle taking them out whenever i get my nails done. Scores of lens wearers have thanked the pair for widely sharing the tip, with vicky writing:

Pinch To Remove Contact Lenses.

A third way involves again your thumb and index finger. Another way is by using special contact lenses tweezers. How to take out contacts with long nails.

To Help Out, Here Are Some Tips For Removing Your Contact Lenses That Will Make The Process (And Your Routines For Sleep) Go A Little Smoother.

To remove your contact lenses, you’ll want to once again turn your fingers of your hand so that they’re parallel to the floor, with your fingers pointing towards the middle of your face. If you’ve tried the methods listed above and are still having trouble, there’s another option you can consider. It can take time to learn how to take out your contact lenses.

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