Oc Challenge Rules

Oc Challenge Rules. Oc challenge 🤍 #oc #occhallengedrawing #occhallenge #procreate #ipad #applepencil #drawing #digital #art #fyp #fy #foryou #dc #dlaciebie. Share your oc and scene if you want!👍🏽 🏽😁.

make an oc challenge by staypee on DeviantArt
make an oc challenge by staypee on DeviantArt from

So here are the oc challenge rules: Remember that these challenges are designed to encourage creativity and foster community! Try writing a story about her/him.

In Celebration Of Such Things, Here Is Another Challenge!

Fantasy & mythology personality test dark life potter tag hogwarts harrypotter tagme bewhoyouwanttobe. The first cache will be published that day. This is an oc contest, and things will get confusing fast, if three different people suddenly show up as “riddle’s only secret sibling” or five people are claiming to be “ruggie’s.

So Steps To Do The Oc Challenge Is That You Look At The Oc Challenge Rules, Draw Your Wof Oc, Then Show Your Oc Here!

The last cache will be published. So i made my oc sunflower go through. Try to follow these rules and then make the rest whatever you want.

I Will Explain A Bit About The Oc's Personality And Look, But You Have To Choose Her/His Name And Backstory.

About hwbot who are we? General rules general rules partnership design your contest hwboints. If you are doing crossovers, please make sure that the creator of the other oc is okay with crossovers.

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Oc challenge and drawing rules. Follow these rules to create your own original character and setting while you are at it. Demon, neutral colors, short hair, dyed hair, green eyes.

Do Not Copy Others Edits.

Strawberryshortcake2 · 5/27/2020 in screenshots & edits. Entry must have your original character (oc) within in it. The ‘draw your monster’ challenge is an art trend that helps you draw your own monster.

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