Use Microsoft Authenticator With Salesforce

Use Microsoft Authenticator With Salesforce. Previously, we looked at moving 2fa accounts in google authenticator to a new phone. Salesforce authenticator recognizes that sia’s logging in to her salesforce account again using the same device and at the same location.

Progress KB Configure Sitefinity with Salesforce
Progress KB Configure Sitefinity with Salesforce from

3) after mfa has been enabled in your org, the next time you log in you will see this screen. 2) open the app, select 'add an account'. Edit your microsoft access control service authentication provider details in salesforce to use the consumer key and consumer secret generated when you registered your app with.

Any Time Sia Tries To Log In From A Different Location, She Can Add The Location To The Salesforce Authenticator List Of Trusted Locations.

Previously, we looked at moving 2fa accounts in google authenticator to a new phone. 1) first, simply download the salesforce authenticator app on your device from the google play or app store. All internal users who log in to salesforce products (including partner solutions) through the user interface must use mfa for every login.

The App Sends A Notification To Verify That.

We recently had to add the authenticator for salesforce. Google authenticator™, google authenticator™, and authy™. Register your app with microsoft, making salesforce the application domain.

Salesforce In The Documentation Said The Following :

This will generate a phrase that you will use to connect your salesforce instance. We used the microsoft authenticator app because we use it for other mfas (office 365, our vpn, etc.) recommendation: That’s why, effective february 1, 2022, salesforce requires customers to use mfa when accessing salesforce products.

Go To The Azure Portal, Browse Active Directory, Click On Enterprise Apps, And Go To All Applications Section.

There are many apps available, including free versions. We found that there’s no way to export all your accounts, and then import them. Examples of trusted locations can include your home or office.

Is That Means The Code Is Required Every Time ?

As soon as the qr code is scanned have the affected user type in the code generated from the authenticator app. I use the salesforce plugin for my outlook to log emails. Create a permission set with the following permissions.

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