Whack Your Boss Age Rating

Whack Your Boss Age Rating. This juvenile, low effort game with 7 yes 7 ways to not even kill the boss yet just hinder him is insulting and without gore: Thank you for being a fan!

Whack the Trump Play Whack the Trump Online on SilverGames
Whack the Trump Play Whack the Trump Online on SilverGames from

This game lets you get out all your inner frustration about your workplace by torturing your boss in different ways. The boss will be 17 years old in july! Complete 24 exciting levels avoid spikes, boxes, explosives, water, and the guards to reach the truck and leave the place.

Whack Your Boss Is A Simple Beat The Boss Game With A Dark And Sense Of Humor.

The recommended minimum age for this app is 9. Tap items in the cubicle until you find all the ways to whack the boss. Dig the right way out, sort many obstacles to enojoy your freedom.

Can You Find All 7 Ways Of Whacking Him?

Swipe any other direction and you'll whack him right out of the cubicle. Show him that you are not the person who will be treated that way. Whack your boss is a simple beat the boss game with a dark and sense of humor.

Feel Your Stress Disappear After Watching The Boss Get Whacked Into Cartoon Land!

Sometimes we leave the cubicle… but mostly we stay safe in the box. Tap him and he goes crazy! Click on any one of those to trigger a different animated sequence.

Once You Do That, A Short Animation Will Unfold Taking Place In The Same.

Whack your boss with a swipe! Whack your boss by swiping and tapping him into oblivion! Thank you for being a fan!

The Boss Will Be 17 Years Old In July!

Escape with your friends from prison and enjoy the amazing adventure underground. Earn scores when hitting the main boss, while trying to avoid hitting the decoy bosses. Hidden in the simple drawing of a cubicle office space, you can find 24 different to whack your boss.

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